Spooky Season: But Make It Pretty

We are in the middle of summer, and you know what that means! All stores (small businesses included) are getting ready for Spooky Season. I always hear a lot of complaints about how “it’s too early” for Halloween, but from a business stand point, it’s not. Summer is a pretty busy season for me; Not only am I am home with my girls and finding things to keep them busy on a daily business, I am also creating and stocking inventory for the coming Holiday season.

My Etsy Shop is already chock full of witchy goodies to get you into the Fall aesthetic; But unlike the normal autumn décor you are used to seeing, I do things a little differently. Here at Pretty And Practical I like to do Spooky Season with a more “pretty” approach. You can still get your skulls, black cats and ravens, you just won’t find any blood and gore in my shop.

One of my newest arrivals to my shop is a collection of spirit animal phone cases. These are also considered to be Witch Familiars. There are currently 9 styles available, with more on the way! These are tough cases, available in glossy or matte, and are available for 33 different phone types! I have started to create these same designs into journals, so be on the look out! Click Here to go straight to my Etsy shop.

Spirit Animal Phone Cases

My shop began with shells. My husband is active duty in the military, so our family made a cross country move right at the beginning of the pandemic. Not long after arriving, my husband deployed. I found myself alone, in a new state, with 3 kids during a pandemic. My girls and I explored beaches and state parks as a way to stay sane during this strange time in history. From there, I started to decoupage shells as a hobby and it grew into my business pretty rapidly. I continue to offer shell jewelry dishes in my shop, and that includes spooky designs for fall.

Decoupage shells.

Growing in popularity and selling almost daily is the arrival of cups to my shop. I am an epoxy free crafter, so each design will never contain epoxy. I work mostly with vinyl, non-toxic glue and rhinestones to create unique cups. My raven studded tumbler (seen in the color oil slick) is one of my most popular designs. I am constantly creating at home, so more designs are always on the way!

Epoxy free cups and tumblers.

What witchy shop would be complete without crystals? This was one of the first things I started to stock as my business grew. Carvings, towers, spheres and more! These are tons of different types to choose from, and I even added some special carvings for Halloween. You can see more listed in my shop. I include information on each crystal in the listing bio, to ensure you find exactly what you need.

Crystal towers, carvings, tumbles oh my!

As you can see, I don’t do typical Halloween over here. I have new arrivals weekly, and you can follow along my crafting journey on both TikTok and Instagram. (@Pretty_and_Practical).

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have in my shop. Wands, dice, matches and more can also be found. From décor to gifts, I’ve got it all. Be sure to take a look, favorite my shop, and let me know what you think!

XO Kat

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