What if I told you there’s a FREE App that rewards you for shopping?  Most people will want to know the catch, and I’ll level with you, this App won’t be for everyone.  For starters; you have to be comfortable linking a credit card you use pretty frequently.  Second; You need a smart phone.  (There are still a surprising number of people that don’t have one, and don’t want one.)

If I haven’t lost you yet, then allow me to introduce you to Drop!  A free App available for Android and Apple.


I should also mention that I am not affiliated with Drop, and my opinion of the App is completely my own.  I do however have an invite code to share with you that will allow both of us to benefit when you join using my link!

 I’m inviting you to join Drop, the free app that’s giving away millions in cash rewards every day! Use my code 5izkr to get $5 – no strings attached.  Just Click Here!

Okay, on to the good stuff.  Once you download the App and earn your first 1,000 points (you can earn that pretty quickly), then you will automatically be given 5,000 points by using my link!  Think of each 1,000 points as one dollar.  Once you reach 25,000 points, you can start picking out gift cards worth $25 and up.  I usually save up my points to the 50,000 mark, so I can cash in for the Amazon gift card, but I’m getting ahead of myself!


Just a few of the local places you can shop to earn points!


Okay, so here’s the 3-step process.

Step 1: Download the App and use my link.

Step 2: Link whatever credit or debit cards you use the most.  You can link multiple cards to earn points faster.  I linked my bank card and my husbands bank card.  To be honest, my husband has been the one steadily earning me points everyday with his random purchases at Walgreens.  Thanks Honey!

Step 3: Shop.

Okay, step 3 might be a little more involved than that, but only if you are working hard towards a gift card.  If you just want to go about your day, slowly earning points toward a gift card, then do nothing more.  The App will automatically track your spending on the linked cards and reward you when you shop at certain stores.

If you want to earn points faster and get that reward sooner, then buckle up and let’s take a deeper look into the Drop App!


Shop Through The App


Above is a screen shot from my Drop account.  Drop goes beyond just shopping in the store!  As you can see from the photo, 1-800-flowers is offering 10,000 points by shopping with them for Mother’s Day!  All you need to do is open your Drop App, click on your desired shop, and Drop will take you there and track your online purchase!  You will have to wait for points to be added to your account, so don’t expect it to be immediate.  Your points will appear in your Drop account anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.  Never fear!  Drop has always rewarded me without any issues, and you can usually see your reward points pending in your acocunt.


My most recent Bonus rewards from Drop came from an amazing offer to try out Fabletics.  I  managed to get 2 pairs of Fabletics leggings for $24 (They are amazing BTW), and Drop rewarded me with 30,000 points!  That’s a free $30 gift card just for buying something that I had wanted to try out anyways!  The bonus offers on Drop are always changing, so make sure you keep checking the App!


Play/Download Games


If you aren’t the self-proclaimed Shopaholic like I am, there are other options available to you to earn points.  Drop offers it’s own in-App game you can play to earn points, and there are also other Apps you can download through Drop to earn points!  The photo above shows a few of the options available to you.  You may also be invited to participate in surveys in the App to earn more points.  Not bad a option to earn points while you just lounge on the couch.


Limited Time Offers


I mentioned the 1-800-Flowers, and the Fabletics offers, but it doesn’t stop there.  The limited time offers for bonus points are one of the best ways to earn points fast.  Last week there was an offer to earn 750 points just by spending at least $10 on Amazon!  That was an easy one for me, because I purchase almost everything on Amazon!  Pantry items, dog food, household goods, toys etc.  $10 was a breeze and that 750 points was just what I needed to get me to 50,000 points.


There is always a down side.


In the photo above you will notice some of the gift cards you can claim when you reach 30,000 points.  Amazon isn’t an option until you reach 50,000 points.  Some of the gift card options may be disappointing to you if you prefer to shop at certain stores.  I generally prefer Ulta over Sephora, and nothing else in the 30,000 reward section jumped out at me.  I had that Amazon gift card in my sights!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Once you claim your gift card, it gets sent right to your e-mail!  (Whatever e-mail you used to sign up for Drop.)  No waiting for it to come in the mail!


So what do you think?  Have you downloaded the App yet?  Did you already have it?  I’ll leave my link here again for you, so you get get those 5,000 points and be on your way to earning a reward.  Just click here!


Happy Earning!

xo -Kat





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