Ulta Makeup Haul

Let’s talk about makeup!  I recently went to my local Ulta store to stock up on some of my favorite products, and hunt for a new everyday palette.  I made the mistake of bringing my 13-year-old daughter with me, so I spent more than I planned, but it all worked out because I ended up with so many amazing products!

You can follow me on my Instagram @pretty_and_practical or on Facebook by clicking here, to see real-time photos and reviews.  I reviewed all of these products yesterday on my Instagram and Facebook stories, and received a lot of positive feedback!  Some followers reached out for links on the products, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew just where to get these amazing products!

I will mention, all of these products can be bought at Ulta and I am not associated with Ulta or any of the brands mentioned.  The opinions are mine alone based on my experiences with using each product.

Let’s dive in!

First things first, there is a current coupon you can use for 20% off one qualifying item.  Click here to be taken to the coupon and read the fine print.  Keep in mind, this coupon is only good from March 8th to the 14th, so after that time the link may not work.  If you are looking for Ulta’s most current coupon offered, click here to check for money saving offers!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer


ulta 6
Shape Tape Concealer $27


This concealer is a must-have product for me, and a little goes a long way!  It brightens and conceals those dark circles, so what more could you ask for?  I will say, it sets to the skin pretty quickly, so make sure you are blending as soon as you apply.  This is only available at Ulta, so make sure you click the link above to shop this must have.  Tarte recently came out with a foundation to match their iconic shape tape, and it is currently on sale at Ulta!  Click here to shop the foundation.



Tula Priming Gel


ulta 2
Brighten Up Smoothing Primer Gel $34


Tula Skincare is my absolute favorite right now.  I have been using their products since November 2019, and I haven’t had a single break out on my skin!  No other skincare line has ever done that for me.  Tula just launched this primer gel and yesterday was my first time trying it.  It smells so good, and feels even better on the skin!

I am prone to dry skin, and often times my foundation will look cakey by the end of the day; By bedtime last night, my makeup still looked flawless.  I didn’t change the foundation I used, so I’m going to give the credit to this primer!  Click here to shop!


IT Cosmetics CC Cream & L’Oreal Lumi Glotion


It Cosmetics CC Cream $39.50 & L’Oreal Lumi Glotion $14.99


I am going to pair this set together because I bought them to try together.  I am a fan of the It Cosmetics CC illumination cream, that just gives my skin a nice glow.  Instead of getting the Illumination cream, I decided to grab their regular CC cream, and add a little bit of the L’Oreal Lumi glotion (not a typo) to the foundation.  The result was a soft and pretty glow to an otherwise normal CC cream coverage.

Both the regular CC cream and the Illumination offer spf 50+ (Pale girls unite!), and offer the $39.50 price tag.  So why didn’t I just buy the illumination cream and save myself the $14.99 on the Lumi Glotion?  If you think about it, having the L’oreal Lumi Glotion means I can now turn any foundation of mine into a glowing skin product.  You can easily mix the Lumi Glotion with your foundation, or use it alone as a liquid highlighter.  I bought the lightest shade, but L’Oreal does offer 3 other shades, for those that need a more bronzed-goddess look.  Click the links above to shop each product.


Revolution Pro Eye Elements Eye Primer

ulta 8
Revolution Pro Eye Primer $8


This was a new product for me.  I was in search for a good eye primer, and I just couldn’t pass up the $8 price tag.  Revolution Pro (also known as Makeup Revolution) is a great brand, with great price points for their products.  I was pleasantly surprised by this tinted eye primer.  It applied easily, and kept my shadow from creasing throughout the day.  I bought the shade Central, but there are two other color tints offered.  You can shop by clicking here. 



Makeup Revolution Flick Liner & Nyx Epic Ink Liner


Makeup Revolution Liner $9 & Nyx Epic Ink Liner $9



I originally went to Ulta with the intention of buying the Makeup Revolution Flick eyeliner because it is my absolute favorite!  For only $9, it has lasted me several months and I use it almost every day.   I was a little bummed to see it was sold out, but the lovely ladies at Ulta ordered it for me right in store, to have it shipped to my house (with no shipping charges I might add).

I’m impatient, so even though I had my favorite eyeliner on order, I wanted something to review right away.  Nyx cosmetics has been a long-time favorite of mine, so I decided to see what they offered.  The Epic Ink Liner was the closest thing I could find to what I am used to using.  The tip is skinnier than the flick liner, but overall I was impressed with how easily I was able to do my signature cat eye.

Both eyeliners offer the $9 price tag, and I highly suggest you try both!  Click the links above to shop.


Makeup Revolution Mascara


ulta 5
Makeup Revolution Mascara $10


I am always on the hunt for a good mascara that doesn’t break the bank.  It seems like we are surrounded by mascaras that carry so many different price tags, but to me, it all seems to be the same formula.  I had never tried a Makeup Revolution Mascara before, and $10 sounded pretty good to me.  Overall I was pretty impressed.  It did come out a little chunky, but nothing I couldn’t clean up.  They gave my lashes the wow factor I needed, and it lasted all day, so really I have no complaints.  You can click here to try it for yourself.



Revolution Pro Satin Lipstick & Satin Kiss Lipliner


ulta 1
Revolution Pro New Neutrals Lipstick $9 & Makeup Revolution Satin Lipliner $6


I just want to make it known that Revolution Pro and Makeup Revolution are the same brand.  I’m not entirely sure why they go by different names, but the brand is the same, and they both offer the same great price tag for their products.

I originally was on the hunt for a new lip liner, but of course once you are standing there, you get sucked into all the pretty lip colors.  I was a little over zealous in my purchasing and I did not stop to look and see if the lip liner I got was going to pair well with the lipstick.  Thankfully, they went together pretty well.  I bought the New Neutrals Satin Lipstick in the shade Stripped, and the Satin Lip Liner in the shade Icon.

Both products glided on smoothly, and I am really pleased with their color.  I wouldn’t say it is a long lasting lip color; you will want a touch up after eating, but I would still recommend.  Click the links above to shop.


Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette


New Neutral Shadow Palette $20


At the moment as I’m writing this, the palette is sold out online.  I didn’t have any trouble getting this in store, so if this is a must have for you, check your local Ulta.  I wanted a good everyday palette for my skin-tone.  Pinks and plums tend to go over really well on my eyes, but can be hard to find on a lot of palettes.  As soon as I saw this one by Makeup Revolution, I had to have it!  The colors were just what I was looking for, and a $20 price tag is amazing!

I hadn’t ever used a Makeup Revolution palette before, so I was a little nervous about the pigment.  I ended up being very happy with my purchase, and the colors gave off a romantic hue.  I highly recommend this palette if you are looking for a softer makeup look.  Click here to shop and hopefully it will be back in stock soon!


Cover FX Perfector Face Palette


ulta 3
Cover FX Perfector Face Palette $45


Last but not least is an honorable mention.  I own this palette, but did not originally purchase it at Ulta.  I received it in one of my beauty subscription boxes, but you can purchase it online at Ulta.  There are two different shade palettes offered, and I have the lighter one shown.  I use this palette for my contour, blush and highlight.  The rose gold highlighter gives my skin a really pretty sun kissed glow that I didn’t think could ever be possible on pale Irish skin.

I don’t think I would have purchased this on my own, especially with the $45 price tag.  After receiving it in a beauty box and trying it for a few times, it is now a must have for me.  I really love how easily it applies and how well it looks on my skin.  Click here to check out both color options and to shop.


That’s it for my Ulta makeup haul, and some of my current must-haves!  Do you use any of the products I mentioned?  Comment below!  Don’t forget to follow me on my social media channels for real time reviews!



motd 7
My Makeup Look Using all the products!











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