The Top Reviewed Amazon Dresses

It is no secret I love Amazon and when it comes to finding affordable fashion pieces, I always check Amazon first.   I recently took a poll on my Instagram stories (@pretty_and_practical) on what Amazon items my followers would like to see reviewed.  With Spring on the horizon, and so many people making plans for Spring Break, I offered swimsuits or vacation dresses.  Not going to lie, I was pretty relieved the votes were for dresses; Swimsuit season is not my favorite, and I cringe through it every year.  

I put together an Amazon list of my vacation haul (including the shoes), and added a few extra pieces you won’t find mentioned here.  You can Click Here to shop my entire Amazon Vacation list.  Now, on to the dresses!


1. The Maxi

AF dress
Strapless Maxi Dress $22

I have mixed feeling about this dress, because of the length.  I love a good maxi dress, but often times I find myself shying away from them online because of my height.  I am 5’8″ and finding a maxi dress long enough to wear with heels sometimes feels impossible.  This maxi hit right at my ankles, and to some, that might be the perfect length.  I prefer my maxi to hit the floor.  With that being said, the print is gorgeous.  I was a little wary to order white, but the fabric isn’t sheer, and is actually the perfect material to slip on over a wet bathing suit!

The dress fits true to size (I ordered a small), and in the second photo you can see it also has pockets!  The sizes range from XS to XX-Large, and there are over 20 different colors and prints!  Depending on the size and color you choose, the price will vary.  My dress cost me $22, but Amazon gives a range of $13 to $26, and there is free prime shipping.

Overall, I love the dress, I just wish it was a tiny bit longer.  This is a great option for cruises or any vacation where you want something pretty to throw on over a bathing suit.  You can check out all the colors by clicking here.


2. The Backless Dress

AF dress 3
V-Neck Backless Dress $35


I hate this dress.  I wish I could say that I loved it, and it has so many great reviews on Amazon, that I really thought I would.  It was one of the more expensive dresses I ordered, and I didn’t feel it lived up to its price tag.  I ordered a small, and based on the fit of the dress, I feel that was the right choice.  Looking at this dress from the front, I am in love.  I love the high-low style, with the slit in the front.  There is a skirt liner under the dress, so don’t be worried about how much leg I am showing.  The fabric isn’t sheer, and the lace top is well made.  (It needs to be, because you can’t wear a bra with this).

Okay, let me tell you why I hate this dress.  This isn’t going to be a problem for everyone, and I’m sure the majority of you will love this dress.  It’s hard to capture a photo of the back of the dress when you are taking a selfie, but you can click here to look at the additional photos online.

The dress is indeed backless.  You have two straps that cross in the back and then hook to the sides of the dress just under your arms.  What that means is you not only have an open back, but open sides as well.  I may fit well into the small, but I am a little bigger up top so this caused some side boob action for me.  It just wasn’t flattering.  If you are more toned and smaller busted up top, I think you will love it.  It just wasn’t for me.

There are a few different color options and the sizes range from small to extra large.  The price range is pretty consistent, going from $33 to $37.  You can click here to check out the photos and shop this dress.  There are additional reviews and pictures from other Amazon shoppers as well.


3. The High-Low Dress

AF dress 2
Off Shoulder Floral Dress $22


Finally; a dress a tall girl can wear heels with!  I love this dress, and after I ordered it they added more colors.  At the time, there were only 3 color options and the burgundy looked more for Fall, and I was afraid the white would be sheer.  The dress is a bit sheer, but there is a pink lining that you can see peeking out in the right photo.

I ordered a small in this dress, and it worked out great.  The top is ruched and has plenty of stretch, and the arm bands are of the same material.  The dress is easy to put on, just slip it over your head and once everything is in place, then you can just slide your arms through.  If you are self-conscious about things being tight on your upper arms, I wouldn’t recommend this dress.  Otherwise, I have no complaints.  You can see how long it is in the back; it touches the floor even when I am wearing heels.  (Again, I am 5’8″ without heels).  With the front of the dress being short, there is no issues with walking or movement.

They just added a few more color options, and the sizes range from Small to XX-Large.  Depending on size and color, the prices range from $7 (OMG) to $22, with free shipping for prime members.  You can click here to shop this dress.


4. The T-Shirt Dress



AF dress 5
Bodycon T-shirt Dress $29


This is a must-have piece for Spring!  Even if you are not planning a vacation and you are just looking for a Spring refresh for your closet, I highly recommend this dress!  This is the first dress that I had to size up on after reading the size chart and reviews.  The medium fit me great!

There are several different color options with this dress, and a few different styles.  I wanted to get one of the styles with short sleeves, but it wasn’t available in the pink, and ultimately I wanted this color.  You can easily dress it up or down, but my vision for this dress when I first saw it was denim jacket and sneakers (photo on the left).

At only $29, this dress is worth it!  There is a liner, so no need to worry about it being sheer.  The sizes range from Small to X-Large, but like I said, I did size up to a medium.  Make sure you check out the size chart and reviews for your best fit.  You can click here to shop all the colors.



5. The Sundress


AF dress 4
Summer Sundress $25


We have a winner!  If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can check out the more than two thousand positive reviews on Amazon.  This dress is amazing.  The fabric is light-weight (but not sheer), and super stretchy.  The fit and flare style dresses are always going to be my favorite, because they are so flattering on so many different body types.

I ordered this dress in a small, and it fits perfectly.  The dress comes in over 20 different colors and prints, so the choice was a little difficult for me to choose just one.  I decided on the royal purple because I don’t own anything like it, and it’s my favorite color.  After receiving this dress, I now want it in every color.

The back of the dress has cross straps, but it’s not an entirely open back.  You can easily wear a strapless bra or wear inserts with this dress.  The buttons down the front are just for decoration, and I think they add a little something extra.  The price ranges from $16 to $25, and they carry sizes Small to X-Large.  This is my top pick out of all the dresses I received!  Affordable, comfortable and stylish.  What more could you want?  You can shop this dress by clicking here. 


The Shoes

All 3 styles can be purchased on Amazon.


All three styles of shoes I wore with the dresses can also be purchased on Amazon, and I linked right in my Vacation Style list for you.  You can click here to shop all of my favorite Vacation pieces.


The sneakers are THE BEST converse dupes I have found.  I own three of the six colors offered, and I love them all.  They are super comfortable, durable and only $20! (That means you can order three pairs for less than one pair of Converse!)

You may be surprised to learn that the wedges you see me wearing at actually Crocs!  That’s right, I own a pair of Crocs.  I didn’t even know Crocs made wedges!  The heel height is perfect, they are super light-weight and you can order them in tan or black.  I paid only $40 for them, and they are worth it!  If you are traveling and worried about too much weight in your suitcase, these are a great heel option to pack!

Last but not least, are my designer Tory Burch Millers.  These are available on Amazon (They cost around $200), but I did link the dupes for them on the list as well.  The color I am wearing is the nude makeup.  If you are looking for a designer splurge, I recommend them!


Leave a comment below to tell me which dress is your favorite!  xoxo



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