Target Try-On: The Basics

It’s no secret that I love shopping, and one of my favorite places to shop at is Target. I go to Target for basically anything I need; kids clothes, household goods and even groceries!  One of the only things I don’t shop for at Target is clothes for myself. (Shocking, I know).  I decided to change that and do my first ever Try-On session at Target!

This is an un-affiliated, un-sponsored post that reflects only my opinions about the clothes I tried on.  I grabbed my Starbucks, walked in with my head held high, ready to see if the Target brand of clothing was any good.  So let’s dive in!

First off, I went in with the expectation of finding something for my upcoming vacation to Florida.  My plans quickly changed as I wandered around, seeing so many casual and basic pieces.  The key to a good wardrobe (in my opinion), is the ability to mix and match.  Sure, you want those fun and colorful pieces, but there needs to be balance.  When I traveled to Ireland last summer I only packed ONE bag.  Seven days, and I managed ten outfits in one small carry-on suitcase.  How?  I packed the basics!

Target  has a surprising amount of casual pieces that you can easily mix and match.  I ignored the mannequins wearing the newest arrivals, and instead focused on the racks.


dusty rose dress
Sleeveless Wrap Dress $24.99

I was immediately drawn to this dusty rose wrap dress.  The fabric is a rougher texture, and seems like it wrinkles easily.  All the same, I love a good wrap dress.  (Seriously, it flatters so many body types.  If you haven’t already, try a wrap dress!)  I’m about 5’8″, and wear a size 4/6; I grabbed a small in this, but a medium would have been a better fit.  The dress looks like it fits well in the photo, but I wasn’t able to button the top button, and overall I felt like I was forcing the fabric to cover me.  This is a great basic dress option, that can easily be dressed up or down.  The price point is only $24.99, so absolutely affordable.  You can buy it Here.



top and skirt
Sleeveless Ruffle Top $17.99


I’m not sure why I was drawn to this top; maybe because it is so unlike anything I own.  Regardless, I knew it would be a great piece to mix and match.  I like that it’s sleeveless, but has a simple ruffle detail at the shoulders; the print adds a little something extra too.  This is a good piece that can be worn casually on the weekends, or during the week to work.  The price point is $17.99, which is an okay price point for a simple top.  I grabbed a small, and it fit true to size.

I wasn’t expecting to love the skirt I tried with it, but I fell head over heels.  It is considered a “mini” skirt, but don’t let that deter you.  The fabric is stretchy and amazing!  The skirt is a true mid-rise, and hugged my mom-tummy without making me feel suffocated.  I also didn’t feel like the skirt was going to ride up.  I mentioned before that I wear a size 4/6.  I grabbed a size 4 in this skirt because there was no size 6.  The size 4 fit like a dream, and let’s be honest, we are always excited when the smaller size fits.  The skirt is only $19.99 and you can buy it by clicking Here.

Overall, I would say the top is cute for mixing and matching, but I would say the skirt is a must have!  I could easily pair this look with sneakers or wedges to dress it up or down.


top and pants sz 8
Skinny Ankle Pintuck Pants $24.99

I always have the worst time finding dress pants.  They seem to run smaller, and because I am tall, too short.  When I saw these pants, I figured I would give them a try because they were skinny legged, and stretchy.  I can wear skinny legged pants even if they are a little too short.  I had to grab a size 8 because there was no size 6 to be found.  (Seriously, where did all the size sixes go?)

Surprisingly, I loved these.  The size 8 was a little big in the waist, but look at that length!  The tag said they are a regular length, so I didn’t have high expectations, but oh my gosh I’m obsessed!  They are only $24.99, which is a great price point for pants.  I will say, because they are so slim fitting, they will remind you of leggings.  The fabric is a good quality, and don’t worry about it being see-through.  Did you notice I paired it with the basic top?  Add a blazer and you are ready for that job interview!  Click Here to buy them!


Striped One Button Blazer $29.99

Speaking of blazers, how cute is this one?  I love black and white stripes, so this was a must try.  I grabbed a medium, but a small would have fit just fine.  The fabric is stretchy, so plenty of give to it.  I threw it over the top and dress pants for a more professional look.  This blazer would also look cute with jeans and sneakers, or that pink wrap dress I tried on!  A great, versatile piece for only $29.99!  You can buy it Here.


top and pants sz 6
Polka Dot Sleeveless Blouse $19.99


I went back for round two because I was determined to find the black dress pants in a size six.  Guess what?  I found them!  (I’m wearing the size six in this photo).  I grabbed a few more items to continue my try on, this blouse being one of them.  I grabbed a small, and it fit true to size.  The neckline is a V-neck, but has a self tie bow that covers it.  I like this top a lot more than the other one.  The fabric is more silky than cotton, and it just fit me well.  It’s normally $19.99, but it’s on clearance for $18.98, so click here to grab it before it’s gone!


tee and cargo
Soft Cargo Pants $29.99


My next try on I wanted to be a little more casual.  I am a mom of three, so chasing after kids is part of the job.  When I saw these cropped cargo pants, I had to try them on!  I grabbed the medium, but had to go back for a small because they run large.  The fabric is light-weight and incredibly soft!  I tried on the green, but ended up getting them in black.  You can buy them here for $29.99.  I paired them with just a basic black and white striped tee.  I’d say the shirts run pretty true to size.  I grabbed a medium, so I could knot it on the side for a different look.  Their basic tees are available in a few different colors and prints, and they are only $8!  Click Here to shop the tee.


denim dress
Universal Thread Denim Dress $29.99

I’m a little surprised that I can’t find this dress listed anywhere online.  This is a light wash denim dress, with a softer feel to the fabric, and I really love it.  I sized up to a medium, because I do think it runs a little small.  It’s an easy slip on dress, with a stretchy waist and a self tie belt.  This is another great option for dressing up or down.  You can click here to shop all dresses on Target’s website, but I wasn’t able to find this one listed.  It’s by Universal Thread, and the price point is $29.99.  I’m not sure why it wasn’t on the website, but you might be able to find it at your local Target.


There you have it!  I tried on nine different pieces, that could easily be mixed and matched to create casual or dressier looks!  Target really impressed me with their style varieties and quality.  I was pleasantly surprised on how things fit, and the price points were great.  I always just shopped in the kids section for my girls, but now I know that Target offers some great options for me as well!  (That means terrible things for my Target Red Card).

Do you shop at Target for clothes?  Drop a comment below and tell me what you think!



xoxo Kat



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