Bags Of Summer

Spring is here and Summer is soon to follow, and that means a whole different wardrobe.  The shorts and sandals come out, but what about the accessories?  Spring 2019 accessories has given us some pretty sweet woven bags that go beyond just picnics.  I have compiled a list of my top favorite woven wonders that are all affordable and you can even get them on Amazon!  (Free 2 day shipping if you have Amazon prime!)

1. The Rattan Bag

rattan bag 3

This is the top trending bag of the moment!  If you follow any fashion bloggers on Instagram, chances are you have seen it.  It is made from 100% rattan and eco-friendly!  It’s a great bag to complete those summer outfits, and it’s a great size for just strolling the boardwalk.  The price tag can vary, starting at $17 and going all the way up to $84!  Lucky for you, I found some sellers offering great prices on Amazon!

The great part about this bag is it comes in so many different colors (both interior and exterior).  With so many variations, you can find one that is as unique as you are.  You can wear the bag as a cross-body and be hands free, or you can wear it on the shoulder.  When you click here, you will see two different sellers on Amazon for this bag.  One offers the bag at $17, but there’s no two day shipping with Prime.  They still offer free shipping, you just have to wait longer.  The other seller offers this bag at $30, with free two day shipping.  This is a great price point, considering you can buy the same bag at Nordstrom for $84!


2. The Bamboo Clutch

bamboo clutch

This was one of the first ‘It’ bags to hit social media.  While I love the concept of this one, it’s really not practical for someone like me.  I need my hands free when chasing my kids, and this clutch requires a hand to hold at all times.  That being said, it’s the perfect statement bag, and when you need a clear bag for concerts, this will come in handy. (Stylist tip: Take a silk scarf or handkerchief to line the interior for a fun burst of color. You can also tie the scarf to the handles).

This bamboo bag is going to be a little pricier based on materials and construction.  You can buy it in the wooden bamboo, or you can splurge and buy it’s acrylic counterpart!  Not going to lie, I am pretty obsessed with the acrylic version.  On Nordstrom, these bags are going anywhere from $138 to $278! Click Here to check them out on the Nordstrom website.

acrylic clutch

Lucky for you, both versions of this statement bag are available on Amazon!  I managed to find the Bamboo version for only $37.99!  While this seller only offers the one color (pictured first), they do offer two different size options of the bag.  (And two day free shipping for prime members!)  The Acrylic version is going to be more expensive, coming in around $52.  The up-side of this is the seller offers 7 different colors and free two day shipping (for prime members)!  Click Here to check out my Amazon shop, and when you click on the acrylic bag you will see all the stunning colors available!


3. The Wicker Satchel

kate spade bag (2)

The satchel pictured above isn’t anything new.  It is a Kate Spade design called the Nadine Satchel and it retailed for $398!  That was back in 2012, so it may be hard to find this exact bag if you are looking to own this gorgeous Kate Spade. 

The great thing about fashion and trends is they always come around again (hello bell bottoms).  This bag was a huge staple a few years ago, and if you already own it, it’s in style again!  Lucky for you, I found a similar variation on Amazon, that won’t break the bank.

ks lookalike

Not only does this bag look super similar, the seller on Amazon offers it in three different colors!  And the price tag?  Only $37!  That is a pretty good deal on a bag you will probably only carry for a season, and then pack away until the next time it’s trending.

4. The Beach Tote

straw tote



Maybe small bags aren’t your thing; and if that’s the case then you need a tote.  There are thousands of variations of totes for summer trips.  How could you possibly choose?  When I am looking for a beach tote, I need something over-sized.  This woven tote is an amazing size, and you can’t beat the price on Amazon.  Only $19.99!  It does come in two different colors, and offers free shipping (but not amazon prime shipping).  The only down side with this bag (for me), is it doesn’t have any sort of top closure.  When I’m going to the beach and putting my bag down in the sand, I don’t want everything to fall out!

My second favorite tote isn’t a woven bag at all, it’s actually cork!  Cork is having a trending moment as well, but some of these bags can also get pretty pricey!  Nordstrom has a cork clutch that retails for $59!  You can view it Here.  I found a gorgeous cork tote on Amazon for only $14!  It comes in different trim colors, and it has a top zip closure!  Score!  You can buy it Here.

image1 (1)



5. The Shaped Bag

bj shell

Last, and certainly not least, is one of my personal favorites.  I have always loved unique statement pieces, and fun shaped bags are a must have!  This adorable Betsey Johnson handbag is called ‘What The Shell’ and I am obsessed.  You can get it on Amazon for only $50, and the seller offers two day free shipping with amazon prime.  You need to see more photos of this one; Even the interior is cute!  Click Here to head over to my Amazon shop to see this bag.

If you feel the $50 price tag is too steep for a bag then make sure to check out it’s adorable fashion bag cousin!  This bag comes without the Betsey Johnson name, but is just as stylish!  The amazon seller offers two day free shipping, and the bag is only $32!


There you have it!  All of these bags (with the exception of the Kate Spade) can be found in my Amazon store under On The Blog!  You can click here to shop each piece, view more photos, and get all the specifications.  Enjoy!

XO Kat




Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Amazon. These are my reviews and personal picks of trending bags.  By choosing to shop through my link, I may be paid a commission from Amazon for the sale.









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