The Lost Outfit

Ladies, let’s talk Valentine’s day; the ultimate date night.  No pressure or anything, but for some reason, Valentine’s day dates really put on the pressure.  I’m not just talking about dinner out with that lucky someone, I’m talking all nights out!  Girls night out, mommy and child dates and a night to yourself.  Where do you go?  More importantly, what do you wear?

Have no fear!  I’ve got you covered with some ideas, from the casual nights at a local pool hall, to those dressy dinners where jackets are required (for the men of course).  Let’s dive in!

1. The Little Red Dress

vday look 1
Dress bought at Style Encore North Charleston for only $18!

Instead of the basic little black dress, it’s time to bring out the little dress for Valentine’s Day!  Don’t tell me you can’t wear red, because if my red hair and alabaster skin can rock this color, so can you!  Just make sure you get the right shade of red for your skin-tone.  Remember that you can always wear pink or a deep burgundy; it’s all about the color of love!

What I love about this dress is I can easily pair with a cute pair of pumps for a dressier evening, or during a casual date just throw on a denim jacket and flats.  Lace is more versatile than you think when it comes to dressing up or down a look.

This little red dress was only $18 are Style Encore!  Style Encore is a ladies re-sale shop, so you can score some pretty greats pieces for a fraction of the retail price!  Gorgeous red lace and budget friendly; you can’t beat it.  To find a Style Encore near you  click here.


2. Wide Leg jeans

vday look 5 (2)
Jeans and top from Express

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but wide leg jeans are making a come back!  True, they will probably only be around for one season, but rock them while they last!  These are my favorite wide leg jeans! Dark denim without distressing (very important when you want to feel a little dressier), super stretchy with a mid rise.  Overall they are so comfortable!  Sure, this look might have a little bit of a 90’s throwback, but that’s the fun in it!  It’s dressy without being uncomfortable.

I paired a pair of Ivanka Trump heels (note the floral print pointed toe), just to add a pop of color.  I could have just as easily worn low heeled booties or sneakers.  It all depends on what you like!  The top is an off the shoulder (also from Express), but I kept my black bra on.  You really can’t tell it’s not part of the shirt (until I just told you), and it keeps me from having to pull up a strapless bra all night.  Seriously, I’m all for dressing up but I want to be comfortable too.  Final touch; statement earrings!


3. Romper or Jumpsuit

vday look 2
Romper from Apricot Lane (Bought at Style Encore).

This is not a look I wear very often.  (Okay, I have never worn it, except for this picture).  Jumpsuits have never worked for me; my legs are just too long.  And rompers?  This is the first one I have tried on that did not make me feel like I was wearing an infant onesie.  I will also say, wearing these out and then needing to use the public restroom makes things real awkward, real fast.  On the other hand, it makes getting undressed really easy.

Some girls swear by these outfits, and I have always admired the girls that can pull them off.  This romper only cost me $1 at Style Encore’s big clearance blow out event.  That was not a price typo!  I added the black belt to define the waist a bit, and then added knee high boots.  It’s giving me some Charlies Angels vibes!  Rompers and jumpsuits are another great option for easily dressing up or down, just change out the shoes and accessories.


4. A Skirt

vday look 4 (2)
Express Skirt matched with a Yumi Kim top.

There is just something about a basic skirt that I love.  This black skirt has flair on its own just by the cut.  I can show some leg, without worrying about it being too short.  I originally had a pink button down top paired with this one, but it’s missing a button and that just wouldn’t do.  I changed into this silk top by Yumi Kim.  This is a pretty loose fitting top, which makes it perfect for doing the slight tuck-in look.  This is also one of those looks you can wear to the office, and then head straight to Happy Hour.

You can pair this skirt with anything!  A silk blouse, a button up shirt, even a fitted tee with a jacket.  The look is yours to create!  Due to the cut of this skirt, I would opt for heels.  The asymmetrical hem could cause you look shorter or frumpy with flats.  If you prefer to wear flats, go with a straight cut skirt in the length you desire.  (I would suggest knee length or shorter if you are on the shorter side).

5. Accessories

vday look 3
Outfit found at Style Encore

Sometimes the best look is your go-to look.  It can be fun to get all dressed up and go out, but sometimes you just want to feel comfortable on your night out.  This Valentine’s day, find your favorite outfit, and change it up with different accessories!  Shoes, bags, jewelry oh my!  Just a basic Valentine’s day tee?  No problem!  Add some skinny jeans, some heels, and walk tall!  Have a pretty pink top like the one pictured above?  Pair it was a skirt for a dressier look (like in my skirt photo), and pair with jeans and cute flats.  Just because you have something in your closet for years doesn’t mean you can’t find a new way to wear it!  Jewelry and shoes can sometimes make an outfit go from “Nice” to “Bam.”

Valentine’s Day is more than just a day for saying “I love you.”  Make it a day about celebrating the things you love in your closet!  Break out those Spring colors and look forwards to warmer days!  Play dress up and get excited to get out with your best friend or partner in crime!  When it doubt, change up the accessories;  Add a jacket, or bold earrings!  Don’t worry about investing in new pieces right now; get creative and shop your own closet!

xo Kat





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