Valentine’s Day

First things first; do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Year after year I say that my husband and I do NOT celebrate (because we were married 10 days later), and year after year my husband surprises me with little gifts.

We generally try to plan a date night or weekend away during our wedding anniversary, but that does not stop my husband from trying to get me something for Valentine’s day.  I admit, I’m not the easiest girl to shop for; My husband would say I am the worst person to try and surprise.  I either figure out the surprise beforehand, or if I am actually surprised, my face does not register the sort of reaction he was hoping for.  Oops.

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Due to my poor reactions in the past, my husband has since stopped trying to buy me jewelry (unless it is something I have personally picked out).  He also knows better than to ever get me flowers.  How was he supposed to know that I hate flowers?  He couldn’t have, not until he saw the confused look on my face.  I still don’t really understand the purpose of flowers as a gift; but I appreciate the thought.  For my husband, it’s not enough for me to appreciate his thoughtfulness; he wants to get me something I will actually love.  Eight years into marriage and this is one of my favorite things about him.

So let’s dive into a Valentine’s Day gift list that DOES NOT include flowers or candy!  Whether you are looking for ideas to give your partner, or you simply want to pamper yourself (been there), my top five ideas will steer you in (hopefully) the right direction!

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries


This is my husband’s go to.  True, they may not be for everyone, but I love them!  Better than candy, and they last about as long as flowers. Okay, I know that is technically not true. Flowers probably do last longer, but in my house they come to die.  My husband orders these delicious strawberries from Shari’s Berries and I never get tired of receiving them!  They also offer cake pops and mini cheese cakes, so they are worth checking out even if you don’t like strawberries.  (This is also a great idea for the two of you to share. Pour some wine, enjoy some strawberries, and pop in a movie).


2. Bath Bombs


These are one of my newest obsessions!  I’ve tried bath bombs here and there and nothing was overly impressive.  Leave it to my husband to find a bath bomb that turned my water purple (my favorite color), didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and had jewelry inside!  Surprisingly, I really loved the ring that was at the center. (You do get to choose the ring size before ordering the bath bomb, so kudos to my husband for guessing right).  This amethyst druzy bath bomb came from Fragrant Jewels and they are now my new favorite thing!

Nothing beats having my husband take over with the kids while I sneak away upstairs with a glass of wine and a new bath bomb.  I get to relax in the tub, drink my wine and wait for the jewelry to appear.


3. Personal Gifts

about us

I had never heard of these little “fill in the blank” books until my husband had gifted it to me one year.  I absolutely loved flipping through the pages and reading all his answers about our relationship.  The book only costs around $10, so it is probably one of the sweetest and most affordable gift ideas out there.  I love the fact that on top of working crazy hours and being an amazing father to our 3 girls, he still managed to take time to fill this out with some pretty sweet things.   There are several different styles of this book, so check them out to find one that best fits your needs! (I filled one out for my best friend on Christmas). You can buy them at Barnes and Noble.


4. Home Made Gifts

etched cup

There are endless ideas for home made gifts, and it really let’s your partners personality shine.  Whether it be a simple card, or a home-cooked meal, no one can wrong with thought and effort put into a gift.  My husband does metal etching, so when he’s stuck for ideas he knows I will always love getting a custom etched gift.  This is one of my favorite cups he has etched for me.  We worked on the design together; the sun, moon and star being symbols for each of our three daughters.


5. Experiences


Sometimes the best gift is no physical gift at all.  Sometimes your money is best spent on trying something new together.  It can be as simple as trying out a new restaurant, or more daring like bungee jumping.  Make it something that is a first for both of you, so you can experience it together.  (Or you can each take turns planning your perfect date, and see the differences!)  My husband is more the type to go out to a nice restaurant, and then home to Netflix and Chill.  I am more the type to grab a drink at the bar and then take a helicopter ride over the city.  (The bar first is for liquid courage; my husband and I don’t like heights.)


Whether you are celebrating with a Valentine, planning a girls night out or just relaxing at home, there are tons of ways to celebrate!  Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be a depressing day; it can simply be a day to pamper yourself!  Give yourself a much needed break, and if all else fails go enjoy half priced candy on February 15th!  Enjoy!


xo Kat



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