Getting Lost Along The Way

My laptop has died. Maybe this wasn’t a good enough excuse to stop writing; but I allowed myself to pull back.  I had been using Polyvore to create weekly fashion looks as a means to find something to blog about.  Unless you are living under a rock (or are otherwise unfamiliar with Polyvore), you will know that the site shut down.  There were no warning signs; no hint at the loss that was coming.  I can’t say I was devastated like many users were, but I did take it as a sign; Maybe I was meant for something else.

I closed my laptop, tucking it away in the corner of my room.  It wasn’t entirely out of sight; I could still spy it collecting dust in the corner; reminding me that I had this blog.  (The annual bill on my credit card is a nice reminder as well).  I used my Ipad to write my piece on depression when my laptop finally failed me, and after that I tucked this blog away.  I needed to find a new direction.  When I was little, all I had wanted was to grow up and be a writer; It shouldn’t be so hard week after week to find something to write!  Maybe this is my attempt at trying again?  In the very least, this is an entry to tell you where I have been.

  1. I got a new job.

I find it a little ironic that the very thing I was doing week after week on Polyvore (creating fashion sets), I now find myself doing at Style Encore.  I had been following them for awhile on Social Media, after first driving by the store and being curious.  They reminded me of my favorite consignment shop back North, but unlike consignment they pay cash on the spot.  Not bad, right?  I sold to them once, and enjoyed my leisurely afternoon of shopping their color-coordinated racks; So when I saw they were hiring for a Social Media Specialist, I wanted in!

I was hired the same day as my interview. Now I spend my days posting photos like the one below on their social media accounts, answering customer questions, and doing live videos on Facebook and Instagram.  I really enjoy it.  The job has given me an outlet to focus my creative energy, and fuels my passion for fashion even more.  (Not going to lie, it’s hard to not want to spend my entire paycheck at this store).

If you are interested in following them on social media, and seeing me on the lives you can find them on Facebook and Instagram @styleencorenorthcharleston.

There are several Style Encores across the United States (around 65 to be more precise); but not all of them have a Social Media presence, and none of the others have me!  So feel free to check me out there.

work post
This entire outfit costs less than a brand new pair of Ugg boots!

2. Adopt don’t shop

Just before going back to work, my husband and I decided to adopt another dog.  That has probably been the most chaotic decision I’ve made in a long time.  Seriously; buying a house was an easier process.  Maybe it would have been better if I decided on another small breed dog, but what can I say?  I fell in love.

My husband and I didn’t leave the house that day with the intention of adopting a dog.  We were just out having lunch; enjoying some time out of the house without the kids.  We had just finished our sandwiches at an over priced deli, when we saw the SPCA van pull up across the street.  The discussion of getting another dog hung in the air, so what was the harm in looking?  We had already been looking online at local shelters for months.  We had it in our minds that the perfect fit for our family would be another small dog, male this time, and hypo-allergenic.

Two hours later and we driving home with a 3 month old black lab mix on my lap. I fell in love the moment I saw him; and as soon as my husband suggested the name Anubis, I was hooked.  I had fallen in love, and I loved him even when he turned out to have worms and spent the night in emergency care giving us a thousand dollar vet bill.  I loved him through potty training, crate training, and puppy school.  I cried when he had to have surgery because he had shattered a tooth and it turned into an abscess that had grown infected; but I love him still.

He is a gentle giant with my girls; A giant that doesn’t know how large he is and is constantly knocking things off tables and forcing himself into places he doesn’t quite fit.  At 10 months old and 70 pounds, he still refuses to jump up into the car; so every outing we take I find myself forced to lift him into the car.  Luckily; he has learned to jump down.


That is where I have disappeared too. As if my life wasn’t already chaotic enough with an active duty husband, and three daughters! Now I have two dogs, a full-time job and all the Holidays coming.

I want to write; I want to tell you about the good and the bad. I’m not one to hide behind this perfect image; I prefer to live in the chaos that is our life. The problem is finding the time. Right now I am sitting at the hair salon, waiting to get my hair done. My husband is at home with the girls, giving me the freedom to have some “me” time. The salon is running a bit behind, allowing me to find a moment to write in this quiet corner.  Funny how life works sometimes…

Xoxo Kat

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