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I have been on a bit of a journey; researching different styling services.  They all seemed to have the same basic concept in common; Pay the styling fee and have your personal stylist send you pieces  they think you will love.  Your styling fee goes towards whatever you keep, and if there’s nothing you love then you ship it back (for free), but you don’t get the fee back.

So what if I told you there was an amazing Styling service without the $20 fee?  Even better; Your personal stylist will send you 3 full outfits to try!  Dresses, jackets, pants, etc!  They are called Trendsend By Evereve; The styling service for moms!

The review and opinions of this styling service are my own.  I am not associated nor work for the Evereve company.  If you decide to use my link to sign up for the Styling service, I may receive future discounts for my own personal style boxes.

Continue reading below to find out how this amazing service works!

trendsend service
Photo Credit: Trendsend Website

How It Works:

1. Complete a Style Profile.

This is the part where you will tell your Stylist all about yourself;  Your likes, dislikes, body style and budget.  You can tell your stylist what your looking for, and if you have any special occasions coming up.

2. Request Your Trendsend.

You can select how often you want to receive your box.  I chose on-demand, rather than have a box sent to me every few weeks.  All I have to do is log into my account, and request a box.  They will need your credit card information to have on file, but the only fee they are going to charge you is $1!

3. Keep What You Love.

When you receive your box, try everything on, and only keep what you love!  You can leave feedback for your stylist on the items you received, and send back everything you don’t want in the return bag.  (You have 5 days to return once you receive the box).

That’s it!  Easy right?  One dollar gets you a personal Stylist sending you gorgeous outfits to try out for free!  Interested?  Click Here to try it out!  Continue reading to check out the outfits my stylist sent to me!

Outfit 1

Floral Button Dress by Level 99 $155 / Distressed Denim Jacket by Moon River $98


This dress was incredibly flattering.  It buttoned the whole ways down, and the fabric was comfortable and stretchy.  The straps were adjustable, and my stylist paired it with this adorable denim jacket.  I wasn’t too impressed with the price tag of the dress, nor the floral print.  I always love a good denim jacket, but this one had a slight “poof” to the shoulders, and that felt too 80’s for me.  A cute spring outfit, just not for me.


Outfit 2

Kristy Ruffle Top by Allison Joy $39.99 / Caged Tank by Beloved $28 / Sarah Skinny w/ Cut Off Hem Jeans by Articles Of Society $64


When I think of Spring, this outfit is exactly what I think of!  Everything fit so well, and the jeans are so comfortable (and a great price point).  I kept the jeans, and this amazing olive green tank top.  It can be worn forwards or backwards, for a different look!  I like wearing the cross detail in the front with low neckline shirts.  I really liked this top, but I knew I probably wouldn’t wear it lot, so I didn’t keep it.


Outfit 3

Addison V Neck Tuck Tee by Allison Joy $48 / Lounge Pant by Level 99 $79.99 / Zoe Grey Cotton Kerchief Scarf by RockFlowerPaper $22


I really liked that my stylist included a scarf with this outfit.  I didn’t end up keeping it, but I always like trying different looks.  The T-shirt is my absolute favorite, but I was a little disappointed at the price.  I paired the tank top with the T-shirt and loved the look, so I kept both.  The pants were cute and fit really well at the waist, but were way too short!  I have this issue a lot, so I’m not surprised.  I paired the pants with flats and they still looked too short for me.


trendsend casual
The winning look

All in all, I am really impressed with this styling service.  My stylist included notes in my box about why she picked each outfit for me, and the price points weren’t too bad.  Some of the pieces I found a bit expensive for what they were, and others pieces I felt were priced fair.  The above photo is the pieces I kept, which I think make a great casual outfit.  Everything fit so well, and the whole process was so easy.  It’s perfect for those of us that just don’t have a lot of time to get out to a store and try on clothes.  (Or if you hate going to stores!)

Thinking about trying it out?  Click Here to get started!  If you would like to know more, you can check out their FAQ by Clicking Here.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

xo Kat


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