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PS By JustFab

Disappointment can come in a box.

I joined JustFab over the Summer; lured in by the $10 for your first pair of shoes.  They were running a summer sale, giving me 2 pairs of shoes for just $25.  I ordered sandals, and when I received my order, I was a bit disappointed.  The black gladiator sandals I had ordered were lace up and adorable, but the white sandals I ordered were too big.  The quality of the shoes wasn’t fantastic; not worth the $39.95 if I had paid full price.  Going forwards, I just skipped each month rather than buy another pair of shoes.

I received an email some time later inviting me to take part in their program “PS by Just Fab”.  I had heard of Styling services before; I never looked seriously into them.  When I finally decided to try one, I went with Stitch Fix first.  I quickly followed up with PS by Just Fab; curios to compare them.

I answered the rather extensive survey of my size ranges and likes/dislikes for my Stylist to get to know me better.  I was then brought to a new page where I could select pieces I liked, so the Stylist could get an idea of my style.  I didn’t feel like the style options were very broad; still, I took the dive.  I paid the $20 and ordered my first box.  I made sure to leave my stylist notes about my body concerns (nothing tight on the stomach) and that I was trying to expand my wardrobe beyond black clothing.

ps opened
The Box Arrived.


I can’t say I was overly enthusiastic to receive this box.  I enjoyed some of the pieces I had seen online, but for the most part nothing called to me.  When I received my box, whatever excitement I had fizzled out.   I received four tops and a pair of jeans in my box.  I cringed a bit, sorting through my box.

The First top: Blue Knit Top

jf blue

This blue top was probably one of my favorites, but when I mentioned to my Stylist that I was trying to get away from black clothing, I didn’t mean send me dark blue!  The shirt fit well and was incredibly comfortable.  I liked the simple zipper detail at the collar, but nothing else really impressed me with this shirt.  It felt like a basic top to wear out on a chilly Saturday morning.

The Khaki Sweater

jf khaki

A lovely piece; this sweater fit well and was soft.  The color felt bland to me, and only the neckline added a little something extra to an otherwise boring top.  It was just another sweater; and living in the South, I don’t really need to update my cold-weather wardrobe.  If the sweater had perhaps been in a better color, then I would have considered keeping it.


The Jeans

jf pants


When I go shopping for pants, it quickly becomes frustrating.  My waist and hips will put me in a certain size, but the length is almost always too short.  My legs are long; so a standard 34 inch inseam doesn’t work for me.  There are more and more stores everyday offering several length types now, but I am still wary.  These jeans fit well in the waist, and the denim was soft, but they felt a bit too short.  After one wash I would have to call them a wash, knowing I would lose a tiny bit of length.  I couldn’t afford to lose any length with these jeans.  They also seemed like the type of denim that would turn my legs blue from the dye if they got wet; or if I sweat.  Maybe not, but I wasn’t keeping them to find out.


The Black Top

jf black


I hated this shirt.  It’s not the shirts fault; Perhaps I would have liked it more if it wasn’t everything I had NOT asked for.  It was slightly short in the front, with a strange knot detail, and then it was in black.  I have a lot of clothes in my closet; a closet that is color coordinated and more than half of the tops are black.  I need more color in my wardrobe, and this was not it.  The shirt was stretchy and comfortable, and really long in the back.  A great option to wear with leggings, and I wore leggings for the sake of these photos.  I generally don’t wear leggings, and I would never wear this shirt.


The Purple Top

jf purple


This was my favorite of the bunch once I tried it on; the fabric comfortable and in my favorite color.  I loved the side knot detail and off-the-shoulder slouchy look.  I can’t say it’s a shirt I plan on wearing out.  I kept it for Yoga days and lounging around the house.  Everyone needs cute, comfortable clothes right?  I also kept it because it was only $20, so I didn’t feel like I was losing my $20 to a Stylist that didn’t really listen to me.

When it came time to return my items there was no return bag included in the box; despite the directions stating to put the items I didn’t want into the return bag.  I e-mailed the company about it and their reply was prompt and courteous; They do not always include return bags.  They told me I could return the items in the box they came in.

I was a bit put off by this solution.  By having a return bag, I could have easily dropped the package off at the drop bin at my local post office.  By having to return it in the box, I had to go into the post office.  I stood in an absurdly long line just to mail a box where the shipping was already paid for.

All in all, I felt disappointed by PS By Just Fab.  The clothes fit well and they were comfortable, but those were the only highlights.  The colors felt too dark when I asked for color, and none of these pieces truly spoke to me.  I won’t be ordering from Just Fab again.

xo Kat

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