Strolling Along King Street

Every second Sunday of the month, King Street in Charleston, South Carolina shuts down to all traffic, and becomes a walking-zone only.  The shops offer special sales, the restaurants tease you with samples, and there is music to be heard.

This past Sunday I strolled down King street with my oldest daughter in tow, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells.  (My daughter, Zia, enjoyed the shops).  It was my first chance at getting downtown to enjoy this event, and while I would like to think it was for pleasure, it was also for work.  I was on assignment for my online coursework to find a store display that I felt was visually marketed well.  Having shopped on King street a few times before, I knew just where I wanted to go.

The Shop:  Skinny Dip

skinny dip 2
Skinny Dip Charleston

This store is GORGEOUS.  The Skinny Dip offers a mix of men’s, women’s, and lifestyle brands that all ties together seamlessly.  The walls are lined with colorful merchandise (many from local artists) and down the center of the store there are tables upon tables of accessories.  The Skinny Dip makes sure to focus on the story behind the merchandise they have chosen to sell; it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of things offered, but somehow it just works.


skinny dip kiel james patrick
Kiel James Patrick Jewelry


Maybe it’s the color coordination of their clothing and bags, or the perfect placement of their jewelry; either way, the store flows.  You make your way towards the back of the store, and if you go up the stairs you will be greeted by a wine and coffee bar.  Not a bad way to take a break from shopping.  The Skinny Dip has just launched a brand new co-work space upstairs.  For any local professionals in the Charleston area looking for a sweet place to sit down with their laptop and network with other professionals, this is the place to go!  (There is a monthly membership fee of $125, but it isn’t without it’s perks!)  Click Here to learn more about their new co-work space.


skinnydip chs
Emily McCarthy Display

I didn’t venture upstairs this trip, because I knew my daughter would be begging me to order her a hot chocolate (her latest drink obsession).  Instead we wandered around, admiring the items and the store layout.

Just past the stairs at the very back of the store I came across the Emily McCarthy display (see photo above).  This (like the Kiel James Patrick photo) is an example of how the Skinny Dip sets their table displays.  The colors are inviting, and while slightly overwhelming, it draws you in.  The store makes sure to boldly state the designers name, and the display itself tells you a story.  You can really get a feel about what the designer is all about.

I always make sure to pop in to the Skinny Dip when I am downtown just to wander around and look at their new displays, and grab a coffee!  If you are looking for a unique gift to take home from Charleston, South Carolina the Skinny Dip is your go-to store!  If you just want to get out of the South Carolina sun and grab a drink, you can do that too.  The co-founders of the Skinny Dip have really put their heart and souls into this shop, and it really shows.

xo Kat




3 responses to “Strolling Along King Street”

  1. I’m in the UK too, which is a shame, because this shop looks amazing. Love to see how the clothes are arranged like a rainbow.

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  2. This store looks ever so aesthetically pleasing, I would love to visit one day but I like in the UK, so for now its only just a dream, haha x


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    1. If you ever visit the US, make sure to come to Charleston, South Carolina! The city is beautiful ❤️


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