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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first created my blog.  To be honest, I am still finding my way.  I would see all these fabulous moms on Instagram who wear gorgeous clothes, have a nice clean house, 4 kids, and their shit together.  I would click “like” on their photos, follow them, and know that in truth, they did not have their shit together.

I wanted to blog to connect with the other women out there who put those happy pretty pictures on social media, while they battle life behind the scenes.  My battles usually consist of saving my one-year-old from choking on the latest toy she tried to eat, and for my three-year-old to please stop screaming.  Yesterday she had a melt down because she was done with a tissue she was using, and no one would take it from her.  My ten-year-old also decided to tell me I love the dog more than I love her.  Being a mom is fun.

As I slowly build my following on each of my social networks, it is interesting to see where many of my readers come from.  Just on my blog alone I have readers from Poland, China, Lebanon, and England!  I guess I just assumed all my readers would be in America.  It makes me feel like I’m in middle school again, connecting with a far-away pen pal, in a country I have only read about in books!

Along my social media journey, I have learned there are popular times to post, and to not post.  Just this morning I uploaded an image onto my Instagram at 6:30, while waiting to put my daughter on the bus.  I received over 20 likes in just 5 minutes!  Quite a few of the people liking my post were bloggers, probably waking up and beginning their day.  After I got my daughter off to school, I promptly went back to bed.  I am a morning person, but more like an 8 in the morning type person.  I don’t like to be up before the sun.

I had my oldest daughter when I was young; just barely turned 20.  To her, I have always been a “young mom.”  When I attend school events, I find myself to be one of the younger parents in attendance.  When I blog, I seem to connect more with a younger audience.  Yes, I have kids, but I also have an interest in fashion and makeup.  I think I have surprised myself by connecting with a younger generation on my blog, most without kids!

My lifestyle is pretty consumed by my daughters.  When I plan my outfits, I think about if I will be chasing any of my kids through a store. (Note: Heels do not work well when chasing toddlers).  When I wake up before the girls in the morning, I think about whether I want to actually do my makeup or get some more sleep.  (Usually more sleep wins).   I don’t get to eat until after the kids eat, and if I want to eat a cookie, I’m going to have to lock myself in the bathroom so no one sees me eat it.  If you heard the screams in my house, you would understand!

The pictures on my Instagram are often times pretty, but I make sure to add those truthful captions.  If you think I can get anything done (like going the bathroom) without one kid screaming, you would be wrong.  I like to look for the same type of bloggers in who I follow, especially on Instagram.  There is just something refreshing about real life.

On word press, I find myself following a lot of people with the same interests as myself.  Makeup, fashion, travel etc.  This is where I connect with the younger crowd.  I’m not one to do a lot of crafts, or post recipes.  My method of cooking is either leave it in the crock-pot all day, or cook something that only takes 20 minutes.  There is no in-between for me.  I guess that is where I lose the mom followers, looking for “mom hacks.”  I don’t have many of those.  Did I mention I eat cookies in the bathroom?  I don’t struggle with getting my girls to put on their shoes, but we do have screaming matches about which shoes they want to wear!

My blogging journey has been different than I thought it would be; connecting with people all over the world has been a highlight.  Struggling through times to post, what to write, and finding time to write hasn’t gotten any easier.  At the end of the day, I enjoy it.  That’s what counts, right?  Creating the looks, posting the photos, and connecting with the readers; It’s all worth it!

I would love your feedback on the things I have posted.  Tell me where you are from, and what you enjoy reading!  Do you have kids?  Do you want kids?  Comment below and let’s connect!

xo Kat



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