Top 5 Autumn Favorites

No matter where you live, there is always a day that makes you realize that Autumn isn’t very far off.  Maybe it’s the sun starts setting earlier, or you see the Fall decor taking over the stores.  For me, it was always the sudden change in temperature in the North.  I would take that first step outside in the morning, and realize that the warm summer days were numbered.  That isn’t exactly the case now that I live in the South, but after the sun sets, you can still tell that Summer is ending.

Below are my top 5 Autumn Favorites, starting with number 5, and working its way down to my number 1!  Whether I live in the cool north or the warm south, the list stays the same!

5. Weather

Nothing says “Fall is here” quite like the change in weather.  It is more noticeable in the North, where you find yourself breaking out the sweaters and jackets; but the South has it’s moments.  Depending on where you live, Fall welcome’s a blaze of color, and a much welcome respite from the heat of Summer.  I just spent a few days back in New England this past weekend, and I appreciated every moment of the beautiful Fall Foliage.  The changing leaves has always been one of the most beautiful parts of a New England Fall.  Now that I am back home in the South, I find myself able to take evening walks with my girls in the cooler nights, as we oh and ah over the gorgeous sunsets.


4. Food


When the days aren’t so hot, it makes baking inside a lot more fun!  My girls love the Fall treats we make, especially from apples!  Apple turnovers, apple pie, and apple crisp are Fall favorites in this house!  If we ask him nicely, my husband will do the work of making sugar cookies, just so my girls and I can have the fun part of decorating them!  I’m not a huge pumpkin coffee fan, but we still love pumpkin muffins and donuts!  My husband Ben is the only one who loves pumpkin pie, so when I make it, he gets a whole pie to himself.

3. Clothes


I can’t be the only one who stares at her boot collection longingly, just waiting for the weather to turn, so I can wear them again!  I have just as many pairs of boots as I do shoes!  (Trust me, it’s a lot.)  Every year when it’s time to take my girls back to school shopping, I update my own closet with new Fall clothes!  Boots, leggings, sweaters, and lots of jackets!  I especially love the richer tones of Fall clothes.  My closet is filled with jewel tones, just like my house!

2. Events

What would Fall be without all the great things going on?  Every year (no matter where I live) I make sure to take my girls Pumpkin picking!  If you can find the right pumpkin patch, you may even be lucky enough to find some Hayrides, apple picking, and corn mazes!  When we lived in Connecticut, a trip to the Renaissance Faire was always in order!  It was always a great excuse to put my kids in their costumes, and have a fun family day out.  My kids are still a bit too young for Haunted Houses, but my friends and I make sure to go to one every year!


1. Halloween

Coming in at number 1 is Halloween!  (Of course!)  There is no better Holiday to celebrate Fall!  The skies grow dark early, the pumpkins light up with their spooky faces, and the air becomes electric with excitement.  There are all sorts of parties, tricks, and treats going on in October, to celebrate Halloween!  Last year, my family dressed up as the characters from Alice and Wonderland.  (Queen of Hearts, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and Caterpillar).  This year, my girls and I will be Witches! (My husband is still undecided).  My girls love any excuse to wear their costumes, and go get candy.  We try to find as many Trick or Treat (and Trunk or Treat) events as we can, filling up our October Calendar.

Do you have any Fall favorites that didn’t make my top 5?  Comment below and let me know what you love most about Fall!

xoxo Kat

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