Prime Wardrobe

 For the last month or so, I have been researching online styling companies like StitchFix, to make my shopping trips, well, easier.  I have three daughters, and a husband in the military, so finding “me time” just to go try on clothing, can be a trial.

Websites like Stitchfix, Wantable, and Trunk Club, are made with that in mind.  Gone, can be the days of searching racks for your size, and trying on clothes in tiny dressing rooms.  This is probably why the retail store market is taking a hit, as the E-commerce world starts booming.  A lot of people prefer to have clothing shipped straight to them, to try on in the comfort of their own home.

Amazon has announced they will be launching a new program called Prime Wardrobe, and while they haven’t officially announced when it will launch, they do seem to have done their homework on their competitors.

According to Amazon, you will be able to pick out three-15 items, (from more than a million pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories), and have it shipped directly to you, for FREE!  Try it on, keep and buy what you want, and return the rest!  That’s it.

This is going to be a game-changer, at least for me anyway.  I liked the idea of Stitchfix, because after filling out an online profile, a Stylist will set me up with a few pieces they think I would like.  If I want a box sent to me, it’s a $20 styling fee, which goes towards the cost of any item I buy.  The downside is, if I don’t like any of the items, I am out the $20.

Amazon won’t have the Stylist, so no styling fee!  Do you see a few cute tops you like, but not sure they are really your style?  Add them to your box, and try them on!  You have seven days to return them (for free).

There is one slight catch with Amazon; you need be a Prime member to take part in the wardrobe program.  It is $99 for the year, and it is WORTH IT.  You get free 2-day shipping on all prime purchases, access to tons of free movies and shows, and there’s even music streaming!  If you haven’t signed up already, I would jump on board.

Click Here to learn more about Prime Wardrobe, and get yourself signed up with Amazon prime!

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