Mom Fashion

Have you ever Googled ‘Mom Fashion’?

If you have, then you have probably noticed the plethora of skinny jeans, flats, and oversized tops.  Don’t forget about the ‘mom bun’, lularoe leggings, and oversized purse.  It’s almost as if society has deemed this look the new “Fashionable Mom Style.”  Not that I disagree with this mom branding, but as with many other things, one size just does not fit all.

As moms, we have come a long way, and the fashion world is moving right along with us.  Everywhere you turn there are oversized purses that can double as diaper bags, and even designer diaper bags that just look like oversized purses!  (Is there really a difference?)  Breastfeeding in public has never been easier (and I say that lightly), thanks to stylish nursing bras and tops!  More and more apparel companies are offering cute jeans with a higher waist to cover the “mom pouch.”

I created the look below using the Polyvore App, of my own version of the current “mom fashion.”  Not entirely my style, but at the same time, I would rock it on a Saturday morning, running errands with the kids.  The great thing about accessories is, you can take them or leave them, easily creating different looks as you go about your busy day!

mom fashion

I have created an entire board on Pinterest, titled “Fashionable Mommy”, for your viewing pleasure.  Follow the link below my image to check it out, and see if any of the looks inspire you!  Have a look you would love to share?  Send it to me!  I would love to see your mom fashion statements!


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